Download Mi Fit 3.0 APK App with New UI and Features

Mi Fit, Xiaomi’s fitness application for Mi Bands and other wearable devices has been updated to version 3.0.0 with new UI and features. The latest version of Mi Fit is not yet available on Google Play Store, however, it is available on other application platforms. You can also download the Mi Fit 3.0 APK from the downloads section on this page.

Xiaomi Mi Fit 3.0 APK App

Some of the highlighted features of Mi Fit 3.0.0 App are shared below.

The highlighted features of Mi Fit App 3.0 are:

  • New UI
  • Support WeChat account Sign in
  • Support Cycling and jogging
  • Customize Homepage
  • New Status page: We revamped the start page to give it a cleaner, crisper look. Now you can rearrange items here to see what’s important to you first.
  • Sleep data: With the new Sleep page it’s much easier to understand your habits now. Stats and advice will help you build on your progress.
  • Weight data: Weight data is much more informative now. With improved curves and indices, it reflects your progress much better than before.
  • New types of activity: Now you can track fitness data for walking and cycling, and view stats by month and week.
  • Profile: You can manage everything in your profile now. You can also find your achievements, weekly reports, and stats here.

Download Xiaomi Mi Fit 3.0 APK App:

You can download Xiaomi Mi Fit 3.0.0 App from the official Mi Store and Apple App Store.

Mi Store

App Store

The App is not yet updated on Google Play Store, but we can expect the update soon! Check out Google Play Store for version 3.0.

If you prefer to install the Mi Fit 3.0.0 APK Manually, then just download it from below and install it with the help of ES File Explorer or any other file manager.

Download Mi Fit 3.0 APK – Link

Note: Make sure to enable ‘Unknown Sources‘ option from ‘Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy‘ or from ‘Settings > Security‘.

Have you updated to Mi Fit 3.0? If so, how is your experience? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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